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It’s a remarkable fortnight for the state of Georgia as Atlanta prepares to host the Final Four in advance of the annual golf tournament in Augusta next week.  CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz helps us mark the occasion in this remembrance of Furman Bisher:

When you step on the grounds of Augusta National, you feel a deep connection with its glorious past.  That sentiment goes well beyond remembering just the many magical tournaments there. At the Masters, you feel a tie with the people who helped make it special. 

Furman Bisher was one of them. 

Furman covered the Masters Tournament for 62 years.  I would see him every year under the big tree by the Clubhouse – everyone’s favorite gathering place at Augusta National.  He always had a warm smile and encouraging word.  When you were in his company along with some of golf’s legendary figures, whether it was Jack, Arnie, or Gary – you could tell they had a close relationship with the gentleman from Atlanta.   They saw him much like I did, as an important storyteller in the history of that great tournament.

It has been a year now since we lost him.  I can’t help but think about how much he would have enjoyed this two-week stretch. First, playing host to the national media for the Final Four followed by another visit with his old pals down Magnolia Lane. 

For me, there is a spirituality about being at Augusta.  I can’t help but feel the presence of Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen and Sam Snead – but that holds true to the poets who documented the Masters incredible history. 

I trust the membership of Augusta feels exactly the same.  Next week, Furman will be sitting at the best table in that Augusta Heavenly Hall of Fame along with the likes of O.B. Keeler, Bob Drum and Herbert Warren Wind.  They will be together having a grand ole time watching the Masters Tournament.  And we will be remembering them.  

- Jim Nantz, April 1, 2013

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